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Mortgage Note Buyers or Seller/Owner Financed Note Buyers Nationwide

We are U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc., a national mortgage note buyer specializing in purchasing Owner Financed Mortgages as well as being a Deed of Trust buyer, and Land Contract purchaser.

We are real estate promissory note buyers for all states except Michigan. Are you interested in a Lump Sum of Cash Now for your note instead of waiting years to collect the money that is owed to you? (Closings in as little as 10 Days.) Are you worried about what a dollar will be worth in 5, 10, 15, even 30 years?

“What I liked about working with Ron and his company was he always went the extra mile to be sure I understood all about selling a mortgage note. No one I talked to when I was searching for a good note buyer went to as much trouble to explain note selling and note discounting before I actually decided to sell my note.” Michael S., King City, CA

Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Mortgage Note Buyers and Then Call Us. For Notes That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


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Following is a partial list (Call if you have a private note that is not on this partial list) - Non-Seasoned mortgage notes (1 payment), Partial Note Purchases, church notes, - Don't hesitate to call if you have a note of any kind that is not on this list.

Also, did you know that you Can Sell a Portion of Your Mortgage Note Payments to an Owner Financed Note Buyer as opposed to selling the entire mortgage? Inquire about our Partial Purchase Program and find out how you can receive a lump sum of cash now for a predetermined number of future mortgage payments. See our menu item "Sell A Partial Note" for more on selling a portion of a note.

There are many good reasons to sell a mortgage note. Here are just a few:

  • Pay for a child's education
  • Capitalize on a lucrative business opportunity
  • Purchase Real Estate
  • Pay off high interest or other debt
  • Estate planning
  • Or simply to eliminate the risks and hassles of holding a mortgage

So why would you choose U.S. Funding Solutions as your Mortgage Note Buyer or Promissory Note Buyers? We pride ourselves on paying the highest price in the industry. Also, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and have the ability to fund your deal quickly.




Attention Private Mortgage Note Holders - Check out our FREE List of Noteholder Helpful Hints for managing your note on our main corporate site. Click Here to Access this critical information on Protecting Your Asset while it's still free.


mortgage notes buyer

“Working with Ron was a dream. He seems to be available all the time, including weekends and holidays. And when I couldn’t reach him when I called, he always called me back very promptly, usually within just a few minutes. His accessibility made the process of selling my note so much easier. He always did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. I highly recommend him.” Jane P., Austin, TX

Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Mortgage Note Buyers and Then Call Us. For Mortgage Notes That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


Sorry, No Brokers


For An Online Mortgage Quote Request Click The Link Below

Online Mortgage Quote Request


Note Buyers - FAQs

1. Can you list the advantages of selling a private morgage note? - There are 3 that come to mind. 1) Tapping this valuable asset now for opportunistic investments or unexpected expenses, 2) Eliminating the hassles of managing the payor's monthly payments and government reporting and 3) Having cash on hand for these scary times (Cash is King in 2009).

2. What determines the price a mortgage note buyer will pay for my seller financed note? There are 4 main criteria. They are: The amount of equity in the property, how long the note has been being serviced (called seasoning), the interest rate on the note and finally the creditworthiness of the borrower.

3. Will an appraisal be necessary? Sometimes we only need a Realtors estimated value depending on the situation.

4. Will you need to check the buyer's credit? Yes, it is a very important factor in determining the lump sum payment for your mortgage.

5. How long will it take for me to receive my lump sum payment for my owner financed mortgage note? Typically 1 to 2 weeks. You can accelerate this by gathering the necessary documents quickly.

6. Are you mortgage buyers of mobile homes or modular homes? Yes, if they include the land.

7. Do you buy motgages on raw land? Yes, with or without improvements.

8. Do you buy notes on commercial property? Yes, we are commercial promissory note buyers.

9. What if I don't know the credit of the borrower that I gave an owner financed mortgage note? We will quote you an estimated lump sum settlement based on your best guess and adjust (up or down) the final payment after credit is pulled.

10. Even though you are mortgage buyers, can I sell a land contract to you? Yes

11. Are you buyers of Deed of Trusts? Yes, although you are really selling an owner financed note with the Deed of Trust as its security.

12. I would like to sell my note payments for some extra cash but am afraid of loosing all the monthly income? Not to worry. We can make a partial purchase of your private note for just the amount you need

13. What is the minimum mortgage size you will buy? $50,000..

14. Do you buy mortgages on condominiums? Yes.


real estate note buyer

The New Mortgage Lender By Necessity - The Home Owner

The current real estate crisis has created a boom in the private mortgage business due to all the owner financing necessary to augment the lack of lending by banks, despite all of our tax dollars thrown at the banks. Desperate home sellers are increasingly becoming the mortgage lender by necessity as banks have gone to the other extreme in lending practices. In the sub-prime days, lenders would give you a mortgage, often for 100% if you simply had a heart beat. Today, except for government backed mortgages (FHA, VA, USDA), you need twenty percent down, near perfect credit and fully documentable income in the way of federal tax returns. Unfortunately, these extremely tight lending rules have left a lot of very good, low risk potential homebuyers out in the cold. This is particularly true for millions of self-employed homebuyers who often have plenty of money for a down payment along with good credit. They just may not be showing a lot of taxable income in order to minimize (legally) their taxes. As a result, the homeowner has to save the day or rather to save their day.

Now, I fully understand that every home seller may not have this option, but it could work great for many homeowners. It is a great option for homeowners who have some equity in the property as opposed to those where the mortgage is equal to or greater than the value of the home. Interestingly, a lot of home sellers aren't even aware that they can sell an owner financed mortgage note. They can even sell their note at a simultaneous closing or wait until the note has some seasoning (payment history) on it in order to get an even higher price. Many Note Buyers will be glad to purchase the note at the same time the homeowner closes on the house. This gets the homeowner an all cash sale and while the homeowner takes a discount on the note to sell it (a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow), it moves the home quickly, usually fetches top dollar and can often be sold without any real estate commissions. The result is a win/win.

So while the Treasury and the Fed are showering Billions and Billions of our money at the greedy incompetent banks (among others), most of these fat cat institutions are simply hoarding this cheap or even free money or making acquisitions. As a result, the homeowner is having to take charge of their own destiny. It's the way entrepreneurial Americans have always done.

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